Custom swing sets, built for the life of your family.
Sam's Custom Sets

My Swing sets are 100% custom made for your children.



Welcome to Sam's Custom Sets!

Building better swing sets and playhouses for better tomorrow's...

 At Sam's Custom Sets:

You can design a swing set that is perfect for your children and your landscape. 

Imagine picking and designing a swing set that no one, but your children have.  Be unique, and a one of a kind in your neighborhood.

At Sam's Custom Sets that is what it's all about.  Your children, and your choices, with the highest quality swing sets and play houses for our young generation.  

     I strive to provide you with the joy of having your own back yard swing set, playhouse, or combination of both to suite your budget. 

 Whether you choose a basic swing set with the basic toys, or we build you a play house that matches your home, you will have years and years of enjoyment with any of my swing sets.   I can provide you with all the details you will need to make an informed decision on what kind of swing set your family deserves.

  When you purchase a custom swing set or play house from Sam. You can count on step by step design, professional placement, start to finish pricing before you start, and a solid warranty for your children.

  Unlike the big box stores or mass produced swing sets.  When you purchase a set from Sam you get full red carpet treatment.  I design your set with  you, I provide you with the toys and forts you want, without too much or too little, I deliver and install the sets for you without a additional charge.  You don't have to worry about how to get it home.  I do the work for you.  Unlike the other guys who will sell you a set, then send you on your way. 

All of Sam's Swing Sets are made of 100% true dimensional lumber.  I do not cut corners,  cost of materials, or try to save on overhead.  you will have a sturdy swing set that will last for the life of your family.